Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten Opening Up for Registration

Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten : Early Childhood Education

The earlier children learn, the better

Survey shows that young children tend to learn things faster at a young age. Children can begin to develop significant knowledge at an early age and have a window of opportunity to pursue whatever interests them. Children are naturally attracted throughout these early years as they encounter everything for the first time hence, they are constantly absorbing new knowledge and are quick to learn by example. That is why young children’s education is extremely important as it is going to set a great foundation for their future. 

A young child’s education starts from kindergarten, hence, parents are paying a lot of attention in picking the right kindergarten that is suitable for their child to attend. There are a lot of factors that you should consider as a parent before sending your child to kindergarten. Here are some tips for choosing the right kindergarten.

  • Think about your own philosophy of education

Have a deep thought about what you want for your child. What is your philosophy of education? Do you prefer teacher-centered philosophies, student-centered philosophies, or society philosophies for your child’s education? 

  • Do your research

Google up some kindergartens and get as much information as possible. Check the reviews and compare a few kindergartens. 

  • Talk to current parents

The fastest way to know a kindergarten is through the mouth of parents. Have a communication with the parents whose kid is currently studying at the kindergarten.  They will know better and introduce to you the kindergarten from their perspective as a parent, (maybe telling you things that the teachers will not tell you). 

  • Considered the whole school community

Teachers are the biggest influences on your child aside from parents, hence it is significant to seek enthusiastic and inspired teachers from where your child can learn. Other than teachers, the rest of the staff in the school such as the cook are also people who you might need to consider. Having positive people around your child will create a great learning environment for your child.

  • Search for balance curriculum

A balanced curriculum makes the process of learning interesting and psychological. Your child will develop physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. So when you choose a kindergarten, make sure you explore the program thoroughly. 

  • Visit the center

Above all the points, most importantly visit the center yourself together with your child! Even though the center might have the best of everything, if your child doesn’t like it, then that kindergarten will not be your choice anymore. It is extremely important for your child to like the place that she is going to study so that she will be anticipated to go to school every day, learn new things, and make new friends. 


Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten student-teacher interactive session

Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten student-teacher interactive session


Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten 

Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten understands parents’ concern about choosing the right kindergarten for their child, hence, Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten is determined to build the best learning environment for children which is why Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten is one of the best kindergartens in Cambodia. 

Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten helps to prepare your child in the journey of learning through several interactive learning experiences. Interactive learning education makes learning exciting and interesting whereby teachers are actively involving students in their learning process by teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, hands-on demonstration and the use of audiovisuals. Your children are constantly encouraged to take an active role in class.

Other than that, Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten also helps to boost children’s self-confidence, as well as develop the ability to solve problems through participating in lots of activities that stimulate them to think and learn how to work together with other kids. Once in a while, there will also be some outings for your child to get close to nature. 

As mentioned in the points above, aside from parents, teachers have the biggest influence on a child. Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten’s teachers are all well trained and have extreme patience towards children. All the staff in Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten have gone through special training where they know how to get along with children well. 

Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten’s environment is comfy and safe. Children can learn and play in a comfortable and safe environment. Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten understands that parents place their children’s safety as a priority, hence it has all the safety precautions such as having all the sharp corners well covered so that your child will not get injured easily. Your child is also not allowed to enter the kitchen by themselves in order to prevent any bad accidents from happening.


Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten Reading Session

Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten Reading Session


Why Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten?

In Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten, we unleash your child’s talent so they shine bright like a diamond. We give your children the best of the best they can get. If you are looking for a kindergarten for your child,  Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten is the best choice for you and your child. 

Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten is now opening up for registration! If you would like to learn more about Darren Yaw Cambodia Kindergarten, visit our website for more information or visit our center instead!


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